Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Moyle District Council - A Disorderly House 2

Ballymoney and Moyle Times

Perhaps this recently published quote** from The Northern Ireland Code of Local Government Conduct needs to be enforced:

11. You are expected to work responsibly with fellow councillors for the benefit of your whole community. You should therefore abide by any council procedures or standing orders and you are expected to promote an effective working environment within your council. You should show respect and consideration for fellow councillors at all times.

Added May 26

It would appear that the row in the council has finally led to a change in the councillor's entry on the MDC site. The image from Google cache shows him as a SF party member; the website from today lists him as an Independent and SF is no longer the largest party in the council. This is likely to have some implications for the rotation of chairs and vice-chairs.

Why has MDC distributed the following email*** which is dated May 21? The email was sent by a visitor to a Ballycastle business person and has now been forwarded via an MDC email address on May 24 to a range of parties including the Department of Social Development. Does this not represent a conflict between public and private interest?

May I take this opportunity to thank the people of the town and the area in general for the warm welcome we received during our stay in the week running up to the nw200 races. The people of Northern Ireland are a credit and should be justifiably proud of themselves. The friendliness and courtesy we received was outstanding and as regular travellers to the IOM TT and other big race meetings it is a refreshing change to be treated so well and not feel that you are being ripped off for transport accommodation and food/ drink.As a group we have already commited to next year and i will certainly be recommending Ballycastle as our base. I'm not sure if you will remember our chat in the bar regarding your concerns about the proposed opening of  a Tesco supermarket in the lovely town of Ballycastle . For what its worth, I feel the inevitable loss of small businesses and the closing down of the high street to save a few pence on a pint of milk will be a sad loss for a town who's community spirit is clearly evident when you walk down the main street.

[** Related Blog item updated May 26]
[*** The email has now appeared in the June 2 edition of the Ballymoney and Moyle Times. The Ballycastle businessman is named but there's no mention of the controversial circulation of the email via a Moyle Council address or who submitted the email to the newspaper ... June 1 edit]