Tuesday, 26 April 2016

"A Kist O Wurds" - Episode 34 - Series 38 - April 24 to May 23

The theme of this week's radio broadcast is 'Connections':
  • Introduction
  • Second Spring Gathering
  • Ulster-Scots Project in North Belfast
  • Scots-Irish in Maine, USA circa 1718 and a link to Somerset Forest, Coleraine
  • Some Bushmills Global Connections - Nevin Taggart

Innova - Tripping the Light Fantastic on the North Coast

It hardly seems like two years since we were thrilled by Innova on Britain's Got Talent. This delightful video was filmed on location on the north coast during the competition. I held the gate open for the young dancers as they left Dunluce Castle!

Innova (Full) - BGT 2014 from Casey Antwis on Vimeo.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Causeway Tram - Back on the Rails

Crawling gently over the broken rail - April 23

A helping hand back on the track - March 28

Crack occurred where the stabilising bar was added in 2009

Did the offset throw the bogie off the rail?

Stabilising bars were added after the 2009 derailment