Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Bush Telegraph - Summer Edition - 2017

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The Dark Hedges - and the Price of Fame 2

Posted 31 July 2017

Who and Where are the Guardians?

Posted 31 July 2017

Save The Dark Hedges Petition
[4570+ signatures October 7]

Added August 22 and 24

Another ancient beech tree fracturing under the strain

What once was vertical is now horizontal

Newish looking fracture at centre of image

The soft verges are now pock-marked by heavy traffic

A branch apparently ripped off a young tree

Added August 27 and 29

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

"Recommendation [November 2016]

The Leisure & Development Committee is asked to approve the transition of the project to Stage 2 within Council’s capital project management system. If approved, a tender report for the design, procurement and contractor services outlined above will be brought before Council for consideration to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place to facilitate the pedestrianisation of the Bregagh Road prior to the summer season of 2017."

Added September 25

Conversion of verges to mud may have blocked the run-off sump

Some coaches are ignoring the 'unsuitable for coaches' signs