Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Johnston of Craigballynoe aka Craigballance aka Craig


Mrs Eliz Johnston   Ww     }1D. Eliza [Ww=widow]
of Willm Johnston  Esq
Miss Ann Johnston
Mr John Moore              }
Jane Johnston              }
Jane & Mary O'Hail (serts)
Alex Johnston & John M'Collom (serts) [servants]


The above entry taken from the Traill 1803 census of the parish of Ballintoy has led to some additional local information about this family.

The above two adverts attracted a sharp riposte from Elizabeth Johnston [nee McNeale]

The Johnston residence in Craig is labelled Craig Cottage in Griffith's Valuation. Mrs Johnston died in 1804 and her son John, who lived on the Canada-USA border, eventually sold the townland of Craig to a John McNeile about 1820 for £3250.

Craig Cottage is remembered as a one and a half-story white-washed thatched house with lots of wood-paneling and a cellar, not typical of the home of a tenant farmer. It is now used as a farm outbuilding for storage.