Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ballycastle and a Tesco Store

What are the unknown unknowns?

[photo - Daniel McAfee]

Council NO Followed By Public Protest

Drama at council over Tesco plans

In March Moyle Council split in relation to the application by Tesco to build a store at Leyland Road.
Seven councillors - made up of Sinn Fein and SDLP - voted not to send a letter of support to planners for the Tesco store at that location.
Five other councillors voted to support Tesco and after the vote, DUP councillor Robert McIlroy said it would be interesting to see the reaction of local people to the decision.

Residents stand up for Tesco
News Letter

"I started a petition today calling for Tesco to come to the town and in the space of only five hours I got more than 300 signatures."

Do you want Tesco in Ballycastle?
[800 members and now rising more slowly] 

Are some Moyle councillors feeling the heat?

Ballycastle Chronicle update

FREE away day for Ballycastle traders courtesy of a company subsidised by taxpayers

Press Release v News Item
Can you tell the difference?

Buncrana Road, not Leyland Road
Are they related?

Tescopoly - Northern Ireland
Concern about negative aspects of supermarket power

Chronicle: People Speak Out
Are opinions from adjoining villages being sought and heard?

Added May 10

It was my impression that an alternative plan for a supermarket site and offices adjacent to Station Road had been lodged with the divisional planning office. However, an official there assures me that it has only been lodged as a query and is not in the process for validation where it could acquire a reference number and become accessible to the public for scrutiny.

Added May 26

I've received an indirect request from Cllr Padraig McShane, in association with his sister and Moyle District Council chair Cllr Cara McShane, for the publication of plans for an alternative site for the supermarket and office buildings in the vicinity of Station Road, Ballycastle. If these plans have yet to be officially registered with the Planning Service I would need an outline map showing the proposed location, access and egress routes and possible Planning Service objections as well as the name of the unnamed developer and proposals for dealing with traffic congestion in the vicinity of the Diamond. All material can be sent to nalilblog@gmail.com [text in TXT format and images in JPG format]

Have the invitations to the public meeting by the end of May been sent out?