Friday, 7 May 2010

Moyle District Council - A Disorderly House?

MV MDC - A Vessel Without A Rudder?

Model Publication Scheme for District Councils, Northern Ireland

Policies and procedures for the conduct of council business

Procedural standing orders, internal guidance about the division of responsibilities between committees, delegated authority, policies on communications between councillors and members of staff

The Northern Ireland Code of Local Government Conduct

Working relationships with other councillors

11. You are expected to work responsibly with fellow councillors for the benefit of your whole community. You should therefore abide by any council procedures or standing orders and you are expected to promote an effective working environment within your council. You should show respect and consideration for fellow councillors at all times.

Northern Ireland Act 1998

Standing Orders

(1) The proceedings of the Assembly shall be regulated by standing orders.
(2) Standing orders shall not be made, amended or repealed without cross-community support.
(3) Schedule 6 (which makes provision as to how certain matters are to be dealt with by standing orders) shall have effect.

Coleraine Borough Council

Council Policies & Procedures (inc Standing Orders)

The Council's policies, procedures and Standing Orders which apply to committees, sub committees, Council officials, their agents and subcontractors, and elected members. These documents define the way the Council carries on its affairs.

Moyle District Council

Reviewing and updating standing orders, standing financial instructions, a scheme of delegation and supporting procedure notes/manuals, which clearly define how decisions are taken and the processes and controls required to manage risks

While Moyle District Council does not operate a system of standing orders ....

Absence of Standing Orders leads to Moyle in a muddle.

FOI: Standing Orders for District Councils in Northern Ireland

Added May 10

MDC council meeting tonight but no agenda has been published.

"Model Publication Scheme:
  • Timetable of council meetings
  • Agendas, officers’ reports, background papers and minutes of council committee and  sub committee meetings

This will be the information that is required to be publicly available under local authority access to information rules."

Added May 11

MDC Agenda for May 10 has been published AFTER the meeting was held! I'm told that the agenda is delivered by hand to Councillors on the Thursday prior to the Council meeting so I see no reason why it shouldn't be published on the website the same day.

PS The April 12 minutes, ahem, should be published today.