Monday, 21 May 2012

Moyle District Council - on Cloud 9

I don't have a smartphone so The Cloud is a tremendous bonus when I wish to blog or access the internet away from home. Two of the free-to-use hotspots shown on the map are in Moyle Council facilities in Ballycastle: the council offices at 7 Mary Street and the new marina building at 14 Bayview Road down by the harbour. I can obtain a wi-fi connection up to about 100 metres from the premises and it's usually quite easy to get a parking spot just across the road.

Richard Lewis, MDC CEO: "Regarding the “Cloud”, the council pays £15.50 per month for each of these 2 hotspots and this is certainly something we would consider for our new TIC in Bushmills. At present we are still waiting for our “letter of offer”, but this is expected very soon. On receipt of this we will then be able to go out to tender fairly quickly."

The other hotspots in Ballycastle appear to be in shops and in B&Bs. These hotspots would be very beneficial for business people and visitors so it would be good if the Council could find a way to extend the Cloud to other parts of the council district.