Sunday, 6 May 2012

British Newspaper Archive - includes Belfast News-Letter

Many thanks to Kate for bringing this archive to my attention. The advanced search engine is very versatile; unfortunately the transformation of the text image to text isn't that good so searching is a bit hit-and-miss. Local people will be able to fill in many of the gaps but not all of them so a visit to Ballymena Central Library or other Belfast News Letter resource may be necessary!

A search for 'liscolman' brought up this unusual entry from Belfast News-Letter, Wednesday 28 April 1886:

Liscolman Temperance and Conservative Flute Baud, Toberkeogh Presbyterian Flute Band, and Bushimills Masonic Flute Band. The several bands paraded the town .

I've never heard of these bands. 'Toberkeogh' is Toberkeigh and 'Bushimills' is Bushmills.

A search for 'bendooragh' brought up this BNL entry for 18 May 1876:

rs of Bendooragh Sabbath school in favour of closing public-houses on Sundays

"near armoy" brought up this BNL entry for 24 January 1891:

nian near Armoy, between the gamekeepers of the Alterichard Mountain, the property of Captain Montgomery., Benvarden, and a number of poachers, one of the latter