Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bushmills PSNI Station - Threatened by Closure

Third of police stations face closure

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Save our station!

Thursday, 19 January 2012
Save our station! thumbnailBushmills Primary School Principal Jack Gault, TUV Councillor Sharon McKillop, UUP Councillor and Vice Chair of Moyle District Council Sandra Hunter and UUP Councillor William Graham pictured outside Bushmills Police Station as they launch their campaign
COUNCILLORS in Bushmills are calling on the local community to show their support for the village police station, which is under threat of closure.
They have joined together to launch a petition - and want to gather as many names as possible to show how important the facility is.
Speaking on behalf of the Causeway councillors, the UUP's Sandra Hunter said: "Local councillors are asking for you to strongly support a petition in local shops and businesses in Bushmills and the rural area to keep our local neighbourhood police and the facility of the station in Bushmills.
“We understand the station is under threat from closure (Estates Strategy 2012/15) and we want to make sure the station is retained and kept open for the community.
“At present we are able to put a name to the face of police officers through community contact and these relationships will be lost forever if the station is allowed to close.
“The symbolism of a local police presence in rural areas gives us all a feeling of safety and security.
“The local police, having familiar knowledge of the local area, means faster response times and more police presence as there is no loss of travel time from further afield stations.
“Having a police station symbolises Bushmills as a safe place to live and the station can be used as a base for local police, an operational base for major searches or a control point for any difficulties that may arise.
“With this being one of the main tourist areas in Northern Ireland we want it to be a safe place for visitors as well as local residents.
“Please sign the petition at a convenient location in Bushmills and the surrounding area.