Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Police Station, Bushmills

Bushmills had quite a good community police service two generations back. Officers probably weren't born locally but they either lived in the station or nearby. They had their finger on the pulse of local life - and their hands on the shoulders of local miscreants.

The bicycle gave way to the police car and, as far as I know, officers are no longer really in touch with local people. The Troubles gave us the present appearance of the police station but we've had a 'cessation' for more than thirteen years.

E/2003/0435/F Full. Police Service of Northern Ireland ESBU, 94 Main Street, Magheraboy/Bushmills BT57 8QD. Replacement of the front perimeter and disabled access works.

But still no visible sign of a much needed transformation. Will the Bushmills station get a face-lift or will the site be sold off to a developer? Perhaps our public representatives would let us know where they stand .....