Monday, 14 November 2011

Moyle District Council and New Media

Moyle District Council

14 November 2011


8. That Council look at providing a recording system for Council Meetings

Can we expect such recordings to be put on-line alongside Council agendas and minutes?

Council meetings are open to the public so on-line recordings would certainly bring Council business to a much wider audience.

The Northern Ireland Assembly produces Hansard reports of its business and there are an increasing number of audio and video recordings available.

Alan in Belfast's audio recordings from the recent SDLP hustings and those from the Assembly give you an indication of the quality of on-line reproduction you could expect from a Council meeting.

Added 2 December 2011

Belfast City Council has just begun webcasting so, presumably, other councils will follow its lead. Moyle councillors, unlike their Belfast counterparts, speak from the seated position - a much more sensible arrangement.