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Colvin Indenture, Cozies, Parish of Billy, Co Antrim


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Loughsisooley is in the north-east of the townland of Cozies/Cosey, Parish of Billy, County Antrim; it's about three miles south-east of Bushmills and less than one mile north of Liscolman. The personal names in the 1796 indenture - Alexander McAlister, James Twaddle, James Clark and John Colvin - also appear in the 1803 Agricultural Census which is extant for the north of County Antrim. As Twaddle's farm in the Cozies was on the north side of John Colvin's in 1796 it's possible that Loughsisooly is in John Colvin's portion #7a in Griffith's Valuation circa 1860

Colvin Indenture, Cozies, Parish of Billy, Co Antrim

The personal names in the 1863 indenture can also be found in the Griffith's Valuation of the Cozies (John Colvin and Robert Clark) and Carnmoon (John Ross and Margaret Ramsey) circa 1860. The associated Griffith's valuation and map locate the homes and fields for each lessee as well as the lessors they paid their rent to and the cottier tenants they collected rent from.

The Tithe Applotment for the Parish of Billy in 1824 has the corresponding names, James Twaddel, Rob Clark, James Clark, John Colvin, John McAllister, James McAllister and Alex McAllister snr in the Cozies and Thos. Ross and Widw Ramsey on the other side of Magherintendry Burn in Carnmoon.

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Could this be the site of the lost Loughsisooly?