Thursday, 17 June 2010

Something nasty in the River Bush 3

Photos - Monday, June 14

Just below Walk Mill Fall

Just below Walk Mill Fall

Just above salmon fishery station

The Ballymoney Times - 16 June 2010 - has published the views of Independent Moyle councillor Price McConaghy, an unnamed angler and a reply from the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency.

Price is dissatisfied with the official response and has called for the reinstatement of the post of river bailiff.The unnamed angler claims that the river and its catchment areas are in an appalling state and that an infinitesimal percentage of the fish put into the river survive.

NIEA reports that samples were taken for analysis on June 8. Were samples also taken for analysis on May 24, the day after the earlier foaming was reported? It's suggested that the source of the foaming may be an algal bloom. Is it not possible for NIEA to give a precise description of such a bloom and its location on the river or its tributaries?

Why was the NIEA not informed immediately about fish mortalities by staff at the Salmon Station? Why did the NIEA not have a contact number for Salmon Station staff on May 23? Are out of hours reporting arrangements for possible pollution incidents satisfactory? The member of staff in Sheffield who took by call on May 23 was unable to locate Bushmills on whatever system was being used and had to resort to Google maps!!