Friday, 4 June 2010

Gateway To Ballycastle Sculpture

Photo: Daniel McGill

Which themes can you identify in this Ballycastle Gateway sculpture?

Danny McGill writes:

This is one of three identical gateway installations designed by Gordon Muir and myself. Made of iron to represent our industrial past of salt making and coal and iron ore mining, the images represent many aspects of Ballycastle's maritime and social heritage, our legends and culture. The fiddler, for example, is John Henry McAulay who wrote the song "The Auld Lammas Fair"; the swans stand for the Children of Lir and so on. The same images also represent our contemporary culture of traditional music and dance and the swans can represent our wildlife too. You get the idea! So come to Ballycastle and see how many stories you can find within the piece. The photo shows Gordon Muir with the first people to stop and discuss the piece.

Added June 8

Alex Attwood, the new Minister for Social Development, will be attending the official 'opening' of the gateway sculptures tomorrow Wednesday but who will cut the ribbon?