Sunday, 18 May 2008

Moycraig National School

Snippets from the archives
Roll No: 8915
Location: Junction of Moycraig and Lisnagat Roads just north of Mosside, Co Antrim.
References ED9/5390; /10562; /8776; /11692; /11891; /12495
These are held in the National Archives, Bishop Street, DUBLIN 8 Tel: 478 37121
ED 9 / 5390
In 1888, there was a local row over the appointment of a teacher by the Rev J R Moore, when he was minister of Toberkeigh. He had since moved to Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone. Details of the disagreement had been forwarded to Dublin by Thomas Taggart (solicitor) on behalf of the management committee. [This Taggart family had its roots in Moycraig] Dr. Dunlop had consented to be the new manager of the school.
The previous principal, Agnes Taggart, had left on 16/2/88. She was succeeded by Lizzie Hayes on 16/2/88. Lizzie had trained in Marlboro St., Dublin (1882-1883) and had taught in Billy, which she left on 1/7/86. It was claimed that the school numbers had fallen considerably since the appointment of the new teacher. The school roll was 27. The assistant teacher was Lillie McCaw, but she was currently away on training (in Dublin?).
ED 9/10562
Correspondence from Dr Dunlop (Straidkillen) on the health of the principal, Mr Milliken.
“Mr Milliken is on sick leave. Ms Annie Brown is substituting.. .25/11/96.”
“Wilson Milliken certified to be suffering from extreme nervous debility - quite prostrate... .3/12/96.”
“Mr Milliken committed to Derry asylum as a dangerous lunatic... .c. 5/12/96.”