Thursday, 29 November 2007

Portcaman - Bushmills Folklore and History No6

The Bushmills Folklore and History Group has just published its sixth edition of photos, original articles and other items of local interest. It's available from local shops, including David Speers' Causeway Books.

Richard Hemphill of Sycamore Cottages, 77 Station Road, Whiteacre Heath, Birmingham BT46 2JB would love to hear from other Hemphill researchers. His grandfather, James Stinson Mayne Hemphill, was born at Ballyclough Townend and he and his wife Louisa (nee Statham) raised eight children at No 1 Klondyke Terrace, Bushmills before migrating to Birmingham, England.

Overseas readers who want to purchase a copy of the magazine can write to the following 'amended' email address for further details: raymondmcmullan at hotmail dot com