Thursday, 1 November 2007

Derek Torrens' USA Diary

Hi All,

I've had such a wonderful time on my trip to America. It's good to be back but I still feel a little unsettled; sometimes I wish I was still there!!

Anyhow, I flew into Newark Airport on Monday 24 Sept after a lovely 7 hour flight from Belfast with Continental Airlines. I had loads of legroom and no one sitting beside me either which made it much more comfortable.

I then got the Amtrak train to Philadelphia which I reached about 5pm. I went to an Irish pub for some grub and while I was waiting I was shocked and not amused to see a photo of Gerry Adams hanging on the wall. My mobile phone, which I bought especially to work in America, decided not to work for me but I managed to get good news via a text message to tell me that my niece had a baby boy so I had to have a drink on that!!

Tuesday 25th;- I went and bought a new phone for $55, then got a Tour Bus around Philly which was great and the weather was lovely - saw the Liberty Bell and the House of Independence where our own Thomas McKeen from Ballymoney signed the Declaration of Independence that made me feel proud.

I had to go back to the Sheraton hotel which was only booked for me for one night (by my friend in Connecticut at $69 a night - usually over $200, but she gets special offers as she works for the Sheraton Hotel Group) and pick up my things to go to another Days Inn hotel I had booked online at Roosevelt Ave; it was a dump.

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