Monday, 23 January 2017

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council - Muddling Through?

Politicians often come under attack from other politicians as well as attention-grabbing elements of the mainstream and new social media; sometimes they have to sort out the mess created by bureaucrats and bureaucracy. Are the officers in the recently formed councils struggling with the paperwork left behind by the legacy councils - as well as possible pressure from vested interests?

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council has recently issued a licence for a temporary building in Dundarave car-park in Bushmills, a car-park that one of the legacy councils had issued a licence to the National Trust for use as a park-and-ride facility adjacent to the Giant's Causeway.

The temporary structure and metal cage clearly block the circular traffic flow. When I used the car-park a few days ago there were several large coaches and cars using the traffic bays and vehicles negotiated a path across vacant bays.

Added Saturday, February 4

There are many areas of outstanding natural beauty as well as special scientific and historical interest in the Council district and Portballintrae is no exception.

There's an area of special scientific interest on the west side of the main bay and alongside it lies the old lane that led to Seaport Lodge, now in a dilapidated state but once the summer residence of local landlords. The lane is a popular route for walkers, including those from the local district out exercising their dogs; it has also featured in exchanges in another of the legacy councils.

Recent conversations in social media would indicate that Council officers appear to be more concerned about the location of a few short and long resident concrete posts to the side of the lane than a more recent razor-wire erection further along.

Hopefully our elected representatives can sort out the muddle in the not too distant future and visitors as well as locals can enjoy the splendid scenic views that Portballintrae still retains.