Friday, 6 March 2015

Carrickmore Road, Ballycastle (Abandonment) Order (NI) 2015 - Petition

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Department of Regional Development (Roads Service)
Danny Kennedy
Moyle District Council
Causeway Coast & Glens Shadow Council

To reject the proposed Carrickmore Road, Ballycastle (Abandonment) Order (NI) 2015 and assert, protect and ensure unhindered access along the existing route of the public right of way, and reject any possible re-routing of the public right of way.


DRD is processing this order on behalf of an applicant

Planning Service ordered the removal of the kerbing and the lights

Those who are unable to walk to the end of the road 
can currently be taken by car or otherwise to take in a view 
without the distraction of a town-house.

Public spaces should remain in the public domain and public servants whether they be elected representatives or administrators should be wholly transparent in matters that pertain to the public interest. A search of NALIL blog with 'marconi' and 'carrickmore' and 'abandonment' and 'salt' will reveal information that sheds light on decision-making behind closed doors as well as an exclusion of public involvement in a process that impacts on those who use this public road or who have a concern for the protection of our natural and built heritage.

Some Online Comments

"If objections cannot be resolved and the Division wishes to proceed with the abandonment/stopping-up proposal the objections (and all related correspondence) should be referred through the Divisional Roads Manager to the Director of Corporate Services, RSHQ with a reasoned recommendation as to why the proposal should proceed without recourse to a Public Inquiry or why a Public Inquiry should be held."

"I object to the abandonment of any part of the Carrickmore Road which provides unrestricted access for the public to enjoy the wonderful scenic views and treks provided by this beautiful and historic area of Ballycastle."