Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Bushmills - Art for Business Sake

I'm told a London-based German television crew is coming to town next week to explore the impact of recession and the local action that has been taken to give the main thoroughfare a facelift. Apparently the television company was influenced by a recent article in Der Spiegel, a prominent German newspaper. The article was based on a series of photographs published about a year ago by Cathal McNaughton.

"Life in Northern Ireland Bushmills is rather dull - unemployment is high, tourists stay out. But the residents do not want to just accept that and paint life in their town." .. Google translation of the opening comments in the Der Spiegel article.

Is it too late for Moyle District Council to persuade the owners of the properties on the riverbank to improve the following views?

Much of the hoarding has disappeared and one of the boarded up end windows of the former bank has been smashed.