Sunday, 10 November 2013


Moyle District Council has launched a new service; this service will permit users to apply for a dog licence on-line. I thought I'd take it for a test drive.

Obviously the first thing for a new user to do is to register:

I clicked the 'Register Here' link, filled in all the required boxes and clicked 'Submit':

Hmmm. If the system has my email address then perhaps it can supply a password - so I clicked 'Forgotten your password?'

Hmmm. There appears to be a glitch in the system!

PS I've blanked out the entries.

Added November 11

This just gets curiouser and curiouser! Even though I was unable to submit my registration - my address was already in use - and my request for a password - my address was not recognised - I have now received a password and  I was greeted by my first name. And they say miracles don't happen!