Friday, 25 January 2013

Ballycastle Heritage Trail Guide

Minister McCausland said: “This heritage trail will encourage more people to come into Ballycastle town centre spend time there and learn more about the rich history and culture of the town.

“Some visitors to the seafront part of the town are unaware of what Ballycastle town centre has to offer. This heritage trail is a novel and fun way to encourage people to explore the town centre, and bringing more people into the town centre should have a positive impact on the local economy.”

Arlene Foster, Tourism Minister said: “Ballycastle has a unique heritage and conservation tradition and is also a key coastal resort. This investment in the Heritage Trail will help visitors uncover the natural, built and cultural heritage associated with the town.
“I am confident that the heritage trail will become a major attraction for visitors on the Causeway Coastal Route journey and indeed the Causeway Coast and Glens destination. The local tourism economy will also enjoy the economic and social benefits of welcoming more visitors to the town centre.”

Inspector Bryan Hume, Chairman of the Ballycastle Town Partnership commented “there are many reasons to stop off and enjoy the beauty of Ballycastle. The heritage trail is designed to enhance that experience, help the visitor learn more about the history and culture of the town before sampling the diverse shopping experience that this market town offers through its many independent traders”.

Take an introductory tour in the company of local historian, Danny McGill, and then follow the ministerial advice!