Saturday, 25 August 2012

Old Bushmills Barrel Roll - for the Alzheimer’s Society

Today, Saturday August 25

Bushmills to Portballintrae and back

Leaves distillery at 12 noon

From the Ballymoney and Moyle Times

On Saturday 25th August, employees of Bushmills Distillery will take part in their fifth annual charity barrel roll.

As in previous years, employees will roll the barrel from Bushmills to Portballintrae and back again. The barrel roll will leave the Distillery at 12.00noon.

Gordon Donoghue, Site Director said: “This year our chosen charity is the Alzheimer’s Society. This is a charity which many of our own staff are directly or indirectly involved with. Whilst I appreciate that times are still hard, we have always received great support from the local community and we hope that locals and tourists alike will once again show their support to this worthy cause.”

No, it's to the 'Trae and back - not along the beach :L