Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ballycastle Marconi Festival - Sunday August 5

THE annual Marconi Festival takes place on Sunday, August 5 at Ballycastle's sea front.

This is the 12th year that the event has been organised by the Marconi Radio Group and supported by Moyle District Council's Community Grants scheme.

The event marks the work of Marconi, Kemp and Granville in 1898 when the world's first commercial signal was sent from Rathlin to Ballycastle across water.

The club will be sending signals across the world on Sunday from the seafront in memory of the work of the great Marconi that was pioneered in Ballycastle and Rathlin Island. .. Ballycastle Chronicle

Added August 3

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August seems to be a quiet month in Moyle - or else some council officials have gone on holiday or remained in hibernation!

The Lammas Fair will be making its customary appearance towards the end of the month. Last year pedestrians were forced onto the road in the vicinity of the Marine Hotel corner because folks were trading on the pavements, despite the absence of pitches. Why was no action taken - at the very least on health and safety grounds - to maintain a clear passage for pedestrians, some the frail elderly, some young children? Why was trading permitted where there were no pitches? What's to stop the horse dealers continuing to use Fair Hill Street as they've done before? Does the Council have no bye-laws to deal with these issues? How many agencies of regional and local government does it take to sort such matters out?

Added August 5