Sunday, 10 June 2012

Japanese Knotweed on the Causeway Coast, County Antrim

[Linda Stewart's second article]
47-57 minutes in
available until June 18]

Alex Attwood
DOE minister responsible for protection of the environment

Be Plant Wise
but where's the enforcer, Alex?

I'd have thought the NIEA would have been best placed to be the lead agency
for the control of this very invasive species and that NIEA should have a series
of protocols to be observed by other central and local government bodies. There
should also be local as well as regional contacts to allow members of the public
to submit information that could then be acted on promptly AND professionally.

Linda Stewart's article on the 'dreaded alien invader'
Belfast Telegraph, Saturday 9 June 2012

Linda Stewart's second article
Belfast Telegraph, Tuesday 12 June 2012

BT editorial comment, June 12: "... And it has its enemies in disarray. No single agency is responsible for its eradication, in spite of its invasive qualities, a shortcoming that could see it spread unchecked. It is time that a concentrated and cohesive strategy for dealing with the weed is drawn up and implemented"

Locations of several sites of infestation jk1 - jk7
The sites can be viewed on Google Satellite and Google Earth
with the aid of plug-ins; some can also be seen on Google Streetmap

[Click images to enlarge]

site jk1 - grid ref. C985415

Isle Road, Bushmills - between Straid Road and Drumnagee Road
Several clumps extending for over 100 metres mostly on the west side of the road.

site jk2 - grid ref. D081407

Straid Road - near its junction with Novally Road - in Carnsampson, Ballycastle
Many clumps towards the rear of a fenced off former dump site

site jk3 - grid ref. C937409

Ballaghmore Road, Bushmills - near the tramway terminus

site jk4 - grid ref. C937408

Ballaghmore Road - Dunluce Road junction, Bushmills
Just south of site jk3

site jk5 - grid ref. C942405

Between Elmwood Car Park in Upper Main Street, Bushmills,
and the River Rush

site jk5

Just upstream of previous image

site jk5

Small clump overlooking the River Bush

site jk6 - grid ref. C934417

A clump behind No.6 Tee (winter) on Bush Foot Golf Course, Portballintrae

site jk7 - grid ref. C893317

Several clumps on Ballyvelton Road, Coleraine, in the townland of Ballynagg

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