Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ballycastle - Bathing at Pans Rocks circa 1934

Echo Heard in Bangor in 2011

DUP involved in 'cover-up' was not the title of a story about Rihanna and a DUP councillor and farmer but it did remind me of an old article that I once stumbled upon in a local newspaper:

Northern Constitution : June 16, 1934

Ballycastle Rural Council
Control of bathing at Pans Rocks

The recommendations of a committee consisting of Messrs. Black, Darragh, Scott and McCaughan, which visited the Pans Rocks bathing place situated outside the urban boundary on 6th inst. were as follows:
1. That Mr. Neal Dallat be instructed to have the springboards erected;
2. That the shelter erected for ladies in the east side of the rocks be removed and placed in a position adjoining the present bathing-box on the opposite side;
3. That these boxes be used by ladies only;
4. That Mr. Bradshaw C.E. be instructed to submit sketch of a suitable shelter for men at the place usually occupied by them, with an estimate of cost of same;
5. That the caretaker be instructed to see that the shelters provided and to be provided are used for dressing and undressing;
6. That undressing on the rocks or adjoining strand be prohibited as well as mixed sun-bathing;
7. That ladies when finished bathing be required to return to their shelter on the west side of the rocks;
8. If these suggestions be not carried out in their entirety during the present season, arrangements be made for the adoption of bye-laws under section 92 of the Public Health Acts Amended Act 1907.

The Chairman - Why?
Mr. Hayes - You will never get it carried out.
Mr. Hayes - There is sun-bathing in every other place.
The Chairman - If every other place jumps into hell I don't see why Ballycastle should do it because that's what it really means.

The Clerk (Mr. M. J. Feerick) said the committee by their recommendations were only trying to make people a little bit modest.

The Chairman said they did not object to sun-bathing so long as it took place in the shelters provided for ladies and men. What they took exception to was mixed sun-bathing.

The report was adopted on the motion of Mr. MacAuley, seconded by Mr. Price. Mr. Bradshaw, as requested, submitted a sketch and estimate of men's shelter. Mr. McAlister expressed the opinion that the cost should be borne by a special rate from Ballycastle district.