Monday, 30 May 2011

DeLorean Anniversary - From Dusseldorf With Love

I snapped this German couple from near Dusseldorf at the Diamond, Bushmills, yesterday. They were here for the DeLorean 30th Anniversary celebrations and were due to leave from their Belfast hotel early this morning on their way back home.

This is another of the three DeLoreans that pulled up at the Bushmills Flash in the Pan for a meal stop!!

NI celebrates DeLorean anniversary - UTV

DeLorean celebrates 30th anniversary - Inside Ireland 3pts

DeLorean 30th anniversary festival in Northern Ireland - BBC

Robert Lamrock, a director of the DeLorean Owners' Association, gives the car pride of place in the pantheon of Northern Irish industrial products.

"It's every bit as important as the Titanic to the history of Northern Ireland," he said.

"There hasn't been a car like it. It was way ahead of its time."