Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ballycastle -The Riviera of the North

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A couple from Clanrye country taking the sun near Pans Rocks before moving a little further west towards the banks of the Bann.

Room with a view. The new Old Saltpans with the ever so old Fairhead in the background.

The Bounty. A new plaything for the wains in the sandpit at the end of the marina as the adults relax and look on.

Time for some cod and chips in Mortons down by the harbour - or one of Harry's ices - or both!

Lads being lads. A few moments earlier there were two others lying beside this one on the pontoon that is currently being used by the St Sorney. Perhaps the Harbour Master should have a word.

The St Sorney deputising for the Rathlin Express catamaran. I bumped into Mary, one of the ferry company directors. When I asked about the two bandaged fingers on her left hand, she said, "I was fighting. I bit the other fellow's ear off". Now that's a ropey explanation if ever I heard one! Maybe just as well I didn't ask about the catamaran!