Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Department for Regional Development DRD Draft Budget 2011-2015

Hat Tip to a Friend

Those who are looking for an online copy of the DRD draft budget may struggle to find it so I've placed a copy on Scribd. Click here.

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The draft budget is currently out for consultation so you'd expect to find a link on the Consultations list but it's not there. Perhaps the bilingual traffic signs consultation is considered to be more significant.

I rang the DRD switchboard to offer unsolicited advice to its Information Office. I was to be disappointed. The switchboard operator appeared not to have heard of the Information Office but eventually put me through. After a short conversation it dawned on the recipient of my call that we were talking at cross-purposes. She realised we were looking at different home pages. This might seem surprising. But it wasn't really as she was based in the Information Office of the DOE!

She attempted to put me through to the DRD Information Office but after about twenty seconds the line went dead. At that point I lost the will to live; I gave up the unequal struggle. It's reassuring to know that even under normal circumstances, never mind severe freeze and thaw, you may struggle to get through on the phone.

Updated January 19

DRD Information and Communication Branch: "Thank you for your feedback on the way that NI Direct is linking to the DRD draft budget 2010 and also that the same document was missing from the current DRD consultations. I am pleased to advise that both of these issues have been addressed and the changes are now live".