Friday, 3 September 2010

Northern Ireland Water Fiasco - Committee for Regional Development - September 1, 2010

CRD met with Conor Murphy, the DRD minister, Malcolm McKibbin, temporary DRD Permanent Secretary, and Gary Lamb, head of the DRD's NIW Shareholder Unit, on Wednesday, September 1 for an update on the NIW story.

The Hansard report has now been published; it's been added to the Scribd collection.

Perhaps the BBC recording of the committee session could be added too as was the case for the PAC July 1 session.

Added September 5

Northern Ireland Water - Second Internal Audit, January 2010.

The first draft was published on January 15, followed by other drafts on January 21 and 22 with the final report on January 27. A review published on February 10 has been added to the Scribd document.

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A recent independent review was commissioned by the Chief Executive into the appointment of Contracting Out LLP to assist with the Steria contract termination. That review highlighted that the appropriate internal and external Shareholder approvals, as required by the delegated authorities set out in the financial delegations policy, had not been obtained. This applied to both the award of the framework contract to Contracting Out LLP under a single tender action ‘STA’ and the framework schedule for subsequent work in relation to the Steria exit.