Thursday, 21 January 2010

Department for Regional Development and Ferry Maintenance Supervisors

Department for Regional Development
Marine Maintenance Supervisor -
Professional Technical Officer (PTO)

I've recently sent some questions to DRD but would also welcome contributions from others via

The recent advert for a marine maintenance supervisor on the Strangford ferry service poses questions about other ferry routes which are managed by DRD.

How many personnel are employed in a technical supervisory capacity for the Strangford Ferry?

Are these full time positions?

When was the role of marine maintenance supervisor introduced to this route?

Is there a requirement for comparable roles on all the ferry services under DRD's remit?

If not, please clarify why this is not the case?

Rathlin Ferries Limited engineering and business manager's job on the Rathlin ferry route incorporated the role of technical supervisor. Was this role a DRD requirement?

Did the Rathlin Island Ferry Limited consult DRD prior to making this managerial role redundant?

What was the DRD position on this?

If that position is now being filled, what are the qualifications of the person filling that role?

If the position is not being filled, can DRD clarify why there is a requirement for such positions on the Strangford route but not on the Rathlin route?