Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Holy Trinity Church, The Diamond, Ballycastle - Parish Meeting

Trinity Cottage
Wednesday 26th August 7-8pm

A parish meeting has been called at very short notice to discuss proposed plans for the future of Ramoan Parish, in particular new buildings around the present Holy Trinity Church at the Diamond.

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This church is a focal point for visitors and locals approaching the Diamond from Castle Street. The proposed new hall is likely to cause consternation for those who are keen to protect the town's architectural heritage; it's design may also be in breach of the tight planning regulations for this conservation zone.

I'm told that the image which appeared in the local press isn't an artist's impression; it's taken from the architectural drawings which were submitted with the plans.

Adds August 28

Rev Palmer: "I realize that change is difficult for us and this is the beginning of major change in our parish. The simple fact is, however, that we cannot afford to run two churches in the same parish and we have reluctantly realised that the the new development will use the majority of the money raised from the sale of glebe land"

Do these words signal the death-knell for Ramoan Parish Church and for the Quay Road Hall, a building that has been part of the social fabric of Ballycastle and district for several generations?

This year there was no room at the inn for a cup of tea and a chat with old friends and the grand plan would seem to leave little room for an important part of Ballycastle's heritage.

It would appear that NALIL blog has attracted a new audience in recent days. Overheard at the recent parish meeting: "What's this NALIL thing?"; "Who's been writing all these letters in the paper?" There have also been queries to NALIL blog from the mainstream media.

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