Monday, 19 January 2009

PRONI e-Catalogue is On-line


The eCatalogue is a fully searchable database containing over one million catalogue entries relating to PRONI’s archives. The eCatalogue is the end result of the electronic catalogue for Northern Ireland (eCATNI) project.
A PRONI archive can range from a single document to many thousands of documents. Each archive has a unique reference number and can be further sub-divided into related areas or topics.
The search facility allows you to find catalogue entries using text, date or PRONI Reference Number searches.
The browse facility allows you to navigate up and down the various levels of a catalogue.
The catalogue entries describe the records held in PRONI. If you want to see the records they relate to firsthand, you will have to visit PRONI. If you are unable to visit PRONI, can someone else do research for me? provides information on other ways to access the records.