Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Rathlin Ferries Limited and the DRD investigations

The following documents were supplied by Caledonian MacBrayne on 18 December 2008 following a Freedom of Information request:

Calmac/RFL Note to the DRD Investigations Body

Calmac/RFL Addendum Note to the DRD investigations body

The names of DRD and Moyle Council officials were redacted.

Adds December 30

Layout drawing of new Ballycastle pontoon and bridge

Layout drawing of new Rathlin pontoon and bridge

What information was provided to the tenderers about the two Ballycastle pontoons which have been used by the passenger only ferries since July 1, 2008? Have these pontoons been funded for commercial or non-commercial use?

Have Moyle councillors and other stakeholders been involved in the redesign of harbour facilities at Ballycastle and Rathlin?

Were all tenderers informed about the 'clarifications' that were provided by public servants to Mr O'Driscoll?

Adds December 31

MV Bruernish in the news

More recently, [Seamus Boyle] realised there was potential for a third, larger ferry which could also carry vehicles and he purchased the 'Bruernish'. All his expansion was achieved without State hand-outs.

Wasn't the MV Bruernish supposed to be the relief (vehicle carrying) vessel for the MV Canna?

Adds January 6

Aran Islands Ro-ro Feasibility Study Report
[Saltire Management Ltd**., 28th FEBRUARY 2007]

7.4.3 .... Moorings or pontoons for other vessels in the harbour should not be within two vessel lengths of the shore ramp or berth.

Perhaps the designers of the new pontoon in Ballycastle harbour should have noted or been made aware of this report.

Can anyone provide a copy of the feasibility study report into the addition of a passenger only ferry to the Ballycastle-Rathlin route, in particular the suitability of using a 80/100-passenger catamaran in the Class D turbulent waters of Rathlin Sound?

** Saltire staff were also involved in the Rathlin and Cape Clear ferry contracts.