Monday, 17 November 2008

Community Policing and Defective Tyres

Community Police Sell Out!!

We were told some months ago that Moyle District Command Unit (DCU) had the largest number of community police officers pro rata to other areas in N. Ireland. This has recently been cut, as I have highlighted, and we were told that these officers would be dedicated to routine community calls and setting up all sorts of initiatives with the youth, elderly and all types of other groups.

These officers are now dealing with front line response calls and I can see no indicatives in place where community policing has improved the position in Moyle DCU. I am hesitant to use this term. As far as I am concerned, there is no Moyle DCU any more; it's simply 'H' District.


Front line police car with defective tyres

Kevin McAuley

Independent member of Moyle DPP

Adds December 1

PSNI, DPP and the need for 'corporacy'.

The purpose of the District Policing Partnership includes the need to encourage the public to co·operate with the Police. Mr McAuley’s actions are more likely to foster a mistrust of Police rather than to encourage engagement.

I would ask that you address the unhelpful press release through the DPP and consider measures to ensure that whilst we can all hold differing opinion, corporacy is maintained in developing partnership working. Perhaps a meeting with you and Mr McAuley would allow some clarity of position.