Saturday, 15 September 2007

Ballyallaght Farm Cottages

Does anyone know the meaning of Ballyallaght, or Ballallaght as it is sometimes called locally?

The cottages have been mentioned in the row over the Giant's Causeway Visitor's Centre. They occupy an old farmyard in the V between the main A2 road that passes along the Causeway Coast and the minor Castlenagree Road.

Some years ago, the planners told the then farm owner that only a replacement dwelling for the former thatched farmhouse would be permitted on the site as there were too many exits and the A2 was a busy road. Since then, a developer has been permitted to build more than fifteen apartments on this supposedly single home site.

The seagulls in the gable window of apartment #1 look rather forlorn. Many of these apartments are likely to be second homes so it will be a quiet spot during the winter months as the resident 'birds' will have migrated to other perhaps less beautiful but warmer climes.


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