Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Locals keep out?

The east end of the Blackrock Strand is becoming less accessible for local people as the years go by. The signs on the Sand Rodden have not kept up with the obstructions!

The gates were added when the miniature railway was introduced but those with a right of access could still get through; the first image is a gentle and humerous reminder to act responsibly.

The second image poses the question, "Have you closed the gates?". Except the gates can't be opened - due to the presence of a bollard.

Access to Runkerry Beach via Sand Rodden

The TDRM stated that a request had been received from the Giant’s Causeway & Bushmills Railway that due to increase number of vehicles causing serious health and safety implication in relation to the level crossing at the Sand Rodden, that the gates on both sides of the crossing should now be padlocked.

The TSM recommended a collapsible bollard would be best placed at the level crossing at the Sand Rodden.

After discussion, it was agreed that a collapsible bollard would be placed on vehicular access to Runkerry Beach via the Sand Rodden crossing at Ardihannon.

Moyle District Council Minutes 13 Nov 2006 [DOC]

There is also a second bollard lurking behind the second gate. What safety alternatives were considered? Should the bollards be lowered or removed when the train isn't running? Were local residents and the Health and Safety Executive consulted? The latter has a responsibility for rail safety.

The third image implies that the Sand Rodden is owned by Moyle District Council. Is this the case?

The fourth image has a new name for Blackrock Strand, Runkerry Beach. What was wrong with the old familiar name?