Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Moyle District Council - Return to the Sand Rodden

Support the Emergency Services
Ensure Quick and Easy Access Wherever Possible

It was the second visit for the emergency services this week down the narrow rough Sand Rodden that runs from Runkerry Road to the eastern end of Bushfoot Strand, the only road access for their vehicles. This time the reported incident involved a broken ankle.

The narrow track is in need of repair

The padlock has not been replaced on the bollard

The 3 o'clock to Bushmills approaching the Sand Rodden

Access to the strand would need to be kept clear of large boulders

The return to Runkerry Road

Added July 21

1. Removal of bollard blocking access to Runkerry Beach along the Sandy Rodden.
(Requested by Councillor P McShane).

All such signs should face strand users, not be sideways on.

I'm told that this and other gates on the road down to White Park Bay strand are usually kept locked via padlock and key. They are a barrier to quick and easy access for emergency service vehicles.

Added July 23

A padlocked bollard and, sometimes, a heavy chain and padlock can prevent emergency service vehicles getting even as far as this lower crossing-gate on the Sand Rodden; the lane leads to the eastern end of Bushfoot Strand.

Added November 7

The Moyle Council report is at odds with the accounts of witnesses recorded here on NALIL blog. The report makes no reference to the 30 minute toing and froing between Portballintrae and the Sand Rodden by the rapid response ambulance in the company of two coastguard vehicles; there's no mention of the family-size black hatchback car that appears to have been associated with rescue attempts. Moyle Council officials read NALIL blogs yet they apparently decided to ignore the accounts of independent witnesses. Why did the expressions of concern by some councillors at the time of the tragedy evaporate?

Following on from Council’s meeting on 23rd July 2012 a review of safety at Runkerry Beach was undertaken.  A full report was circulated.

After discussion 

Councillor P McShane proposed,
Seconded by Councillor McAllister and resolved,
“That Council approve the recommendations in the report on safety and access to Runkerry Beach and that an Action Plan be prepared for their implementation.”