Friday, 20 July 2012

Giant's Causeway Visitor Experience - A Glitch

How Not To Win Friends

Tourism Board chiefs, in the background, 
miss out on Royal line-up in June 2010


The absence of the NITB chiefs was not down to NT. 
The line-up for the Royal handshake was arranged by others.


The Toilet Experience

New Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre

A friend told me that the toilets are part of the £8.50 Experience in the new multi-million pound Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre - so I thought I'd check it out. I entered the centre and asked one of the receptionists if I could use the toilet facilities. She inquired if I had a ticket and when I said I had none she directed me back out to the car-park where another member of staff helpfully pointed me to the side entrance just before the tunnel. "But there are no signs", says I; "There wouldn't be", says he, "They want visitors to go into the centre".

I probably could also have had a free view of the exhibition! Who is responsible for this elementary blunder? The same curious approach applies to the shop and the cafe; I doubt if it will ever be used by other businesses seeking customers!

Free entry to toilets via unmarked door on left**

[Added August 11. I was told that the three free toilets are on the left as you face the doors in the photo. I checked one of them today - it's so small you almost need to reverse in!!]

This blunder has also created a bit of a nuisance for the Causeway Hotel staff. A notice has now been fixed to their toilets pointing out that the facilities are for hotel customers only.

These steps link the Visitor Centre car-park to the Causeway School Museum. Walking on angled steps is an experience - once you've adjusted to anti-trip mode :L

Added August 21

“Is the current pricing structure in line with the figures provided for the business plan, if not what has changed?

“What Government support is available if, due to adverse publicity, the numbers attending the site drop below a sustainable level?

“There is a responsibility on both Government Ministers to immediately intervene to promote tourism on the North Coast given the adverse publicity generated in the past few days,” said Assemblyman Swann. .. Ballymoney and Moyle Times