Friday, 27 July 2012

Mitchell and Murdoch - from the Parish of Dunluce


I had posted this photo that we have in our possession of relatives that immigrated from the Kilmoyle, Coleraine, Bushmills area. I have been looking for leads on this photo. Someone on email me the link to your Flickr posting photo, which captured my attention as I saw the Nevin surname surface. 

In our lineage we have a William Nevin Mitchell, which in my understanding of how children were named, the surname would appear as the middle name. He immigrated to the US and his lady friend followed Alice Patrick Murdoch. They had two sons, lived their days out in Oregon. William's father would be Samuel Mitchell and mother Nancy Patterson. My great grandfather would have been Joseph Patterson, relative I think of Nancy. Joseph's father on the Nebraska Marriage Certficate is listed as a William Patterson (about 1836 or so) and his wife as a Jane Nebier (Neibour) sp? (perhaps from Cuberland England-1846...these trail has gone cold) I can not find any more about this family name anywhere so am wonder about the correctness of the surname on Jane.

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I am at this point very curious about the tag teaming of the Nevin name coming into the family unit.
I have included my photo of the Kilmoyle school photo as well as the lineage that I have been able to trace so far.

I do not have a roster of children in the photo. All I know is that some relatives that immigrated to Canada as in this picture. The surnames that would interest me greatly would be: Patterson, Mitchell, Craig
Any light you can shed would be so appreciated!


I found a copy of the 1881 marriage details for Samuel Mitchell of Tullycapple and Nancy Patterson of Kilmoyle:

I've found some of Connie folks in the 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses and in the 1860 Griffith's Valuation.

If you do a search for William Patterson, County Antrim, Parish of Dunluce, you'll find a William in Kilmoyle along with a Nevin family; Maggie Nevin is a witness for Nancy Patterson.

There are several Mitchells in Dunluce parish including a John Mitchell in Tullycapple, Samuel's residence at the time of his marriage as well as the name of Samuel's father. The associated maps allow you to locate the position of the Patterson and Mitchell farms, sometimes even homes.

Samuel, Nancy and son William Mitchell in 1901:

Murdock can also appear as Murdoch.

John, Margaret and Alice Murdock are in Bushfoot, Portballintrae in 1901:

but by 1911 are in Ballyrock Irish with Alice's grandfather Hugh Murdoch:

If any one can provide additional information please contact NALIL blog at the address above.