Thursday, 3 February 2011

National Trust and the Giants Causeway Hotel

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COFFEE+P :: £7.40
If you drive over to the Causeway Hotel for a cup of coffee and a chat during the present dispensation you can expect to be charged £7.40 - £6 to park your car and £1.40 for a cup of coffee. I'm told that if you spend £15 or more in the hotel in a single transaction the £6 car park charge will be refunded. You can save some money by using the free park and ride car-park in Bushmills; the adult bus fare to the Causeway is £1.75 and the bus, at present, travels every hour.

Such a pricing policy by the National Trust, especially during this period of austerity, could damage not only the trade of the Causeway Hotel, it could also deter visitors to the World Heritage Site.

Added July 22, 2012