Monday, 27 October 2008

Kevin, independent DPP member, tells it as it is

So, reported crime in the Kingdom of Moyle has dropped by 18.1% whilst the number of police officers has, er, dropped by 60%.

Has criminal activity really fallen by that amount or are fewer people reporting it? It would be very easy to blame local senior police officers but the finger really needs to be pointed at the governments in London and Dublin that jointly agree policing policy and contentious day-to-day decisions.

Don't be surprised to see the police station in Bushmills, in the near future, joining the serried ranks of boarded-up buildings that 'grace' the gateway to the Giant's Causeway World Heritage Centre.

Congratulations to Kevin for speaking out and to the News Letter for covering the story.

Adds November 12

Is this really a Sinn Fein document on Moyle DPP paper?