Saturday, 3 May 2008

Giant's Causeway Railway Fire Caused by Arson?

Some American friends of mine were dining at the Giant's Causeway Hotel on Wednesday, April 23, when they spotted smoke billowing into the sky from the direction of Bushfoot Strand.

A fire tender arrived shortly afterwards, parked on Runkerry Road near the little railway station and the firefighters walked down the track beside the rails towards the scene of the fire. Perhaps they didn't have a key to the bollards that currently block access via the Sand Rodden. Luckily, the incident wasn't a more serious one.

A concrete base is all that now remains of the '50p hut'; it's visible in the forty or so yards of scorched ground just to the right of the train. According to the Ballymoney & Moyle Times, PSNI officers believe that the fire was caused by three or four youths.