Thursday, 10 March 2016

Composition - a poem about the Dark Hedges


Through falling dusk and biting frost
I cycle slowly home,
Between two rows of lofty trees
Which meet to form a dome,
Through which I glimpse the shining stars
As across the sky they roam.

The Dark Hedges in 2010

The night is calm, the air is sharp 
And white the frozen ground, 
Then suddenly past old Knocklayde 
The bright moon peeps around. 
And all the landscape is transformed 
Without the slightest sound.

The trees now look more sinister 
With outstretched arms so bare 
A pale grey mist hangs softly o'er 
The river gliding there. 
The road now sparkles and reflects 
The moon's shy blushing glare.

The stars, a paler yellow now 
Regard with pride this scene 
Their humble light is not required 
When comes their stately queen. 
Like loyal subjects they look on 
With admiration keen.

Why must that car with jarring noise
Now rustle into sight
And break the spell the moon has cast
As it pours forth it's light
O'er this enchanted mystic scene
And silent frosty night.

Annie in 1949 with Mr Irwin and Mrs Templeton
Departure from Straidbilly Primary School

Written by Annie M Currie
Session 1942/1943
Stranmillis Training College

A snippet from the contract: