Saturday, 7 March 2015

Portballintrae - The Twilight Zone

Is there something in the air? As we've entered the twilight zone between the demise of the current local councils and the arrival of the new super councils on April 1, Coleraine Borough councillors have been keeping ratepayers in the dark:

Members of the press and the public were then asked to leave the Chamber to allow members to discuss the proposals ‘in committee’. [source]

So much for open government! Will the same nonsense pertain in the new councils?

The sea has recently removed most of the sand from Bushfoot Strand. What are Coleraine councillors prepared to give away? They can be contacted prior to the meeting with the Portballintrae Action Group in the Cloonavin council buildings, Portstewart Road, Coleraine, this coming Monday evening, March 9.

Portballintrae Bay

Curiously enough, there's no mention of this meeting on the Council's agenda site - surely a breach of the Information Commissioner's Model Publication Scheme.