Thursday, 20 November 2014

#SaveTheDal - Ministerial points to ponder

Time is running out
Will the shutters come down this week?

The NHSCT Board appears to have run for cover
It's usual November meeting has been pushed back to December 2
ie after the 'temporary' closure date, November 30

The NHSCT Board ceased publication of its corporate communications updates in June 2014.
This means less information for Board members and staff as well as for concerned citizens.
It symbolises a retreat to the bunker.

Might the enforced changes lead to an increase in operational costs rather than a decrease?

Why change what isn't broken to an untested new arrangement?

Letter from the previous Health minister, Edwin Poots, earlier this year.

Did the level of commissioned activity decrease through lack of interest/promotion 
or was a decision taken to curtail it?

Edwin Poots, ex-Health minister, and Tony Stevens, NHSCT CEO

Official language can be so slippery!