Wednesday, 23 April 2014

On Foot from Bushmills to the Causeway

Where's the signage?

There's no footpath from Bushmills to the Giant's Causeway alongside the road taken by those on wheeled transport but there are paths starting at the junction of the roads to Portrush and Portballintrae. Some signage would be of great benefit to visitors.

By the Park and Ride

Entering the Diamond

Crossing over the River Bush


Finally a pedestrian symbol

Finally a direction sign for walkers

Whins in bloom alongside the tram-track

Some more of these for the dog-walkers!

There are a series of paths that can be walked apart from the direct one along by the tram-track. These include paths past the golf-club, through Portballintrae and over the Three-Quarter Bridge and then via the strand or back onto the tram-track.

Added August 13, 2014