Saturday, 25 August 2012

Japanese Knotweed on the Causeway Coast 4

[Photos taken August 20, 2012]

Moyle District Council arranged to have this clump of knotweed treated and the treatment appears to have been very effective. However repeat applications will be required over several years if it's to be eradicated.

Unfortunately this large clump a few metres away on the same council property was missed and, as the close-up image shows, it is in robust health. This second clump is partially obscured by a tall hedge but was highlighted in earlier NALIL posts.

This large clump has not been treated. Although it lies within Moyle District, close to the junction of Dunluce Road and Ballaghmore Road on the edge of Bushmills, the ground isn't owned by the council.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency minister, Alex Attwood, has acknowledged that Japanese knotweed is a global threat but his department still appears reluctant to take the threat seriously.

Added September 6

This small clump of knotweed is on the east bank of the River Bush beside the Millennium Bridge. It appears to have been treated in the past but has not yet been brought under control.