Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Moyle Council's Drop-Leaf Table 2

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The segment which rotated and slid from its rather
 insecure mounting has been put back in place

Six screws have replaced the two earlier fixings 
indicated by the two holes in the bracket

The other round tables have been modified in a similar manner. Moyle Council has yet to explain why the original designs put out to tender were not complied with. For example, the round table was to be made from a single piece of basalt supported by a marine quality circular steel plate. The overhang was about 200 mm and the table top was secured to this plate by marine quality steel tenons arranged in a circle.

Added March 1

This week's Ballymoney and Moyle Times reports that a youngish man was taken to the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine when a quadrant of the stone table broke away from its mountings; the man apparently and luckily didn't sustain serious injuries.

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These are scans of the drawings that were sent out during the tender process. Even a casual examination will show major changes with the finished picnic table. An independent investigation would need to examine the project step-by-step from beginning to end to see what lessons can be learned and what penalties/sanctions, if any, should be applied.

Added March 8

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board seems to be unaware of its signature projects' problems.