Monday, 28 March 2011

Ballycastle Marina Facility or Yacht Club?

The EU funded Sail West Initiative [pdf file] is the result of an extensive collaboration of over 20 partners from the West of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Supported under the INTERREG IVA programme the initiative aims to encourage the development of marine tourism across the entire region, through a targeted capital investment programme in key marine infrastructure and a concerted marketing campaign.

The Sail West capital investment programme will provide a necklace of highly developed boating, angling and marine tourism related infrastructure aimed at increasing visitor numbers to the Sail West region. This investment programme will be backed up by an ambitious marketing programme aimed at promoting the Sail West region as a must-visit marine and cultural tourism destination.

The Council has received funding from the EU Interreg Programme of €695,975. The Council has set aside a contingency of £70,000 towards the capital cost of the building. .. Council spokesman

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A yacht club is on the Ballycastle Town Partnership's long term plans [pdf file]. The replacement building for the former harbour office which is currently under construction might be more than just a marina facility.

Ground Floor Plan

Are these ground floor facilities exclusively for the use of the marina clientèle? This use would appear to be similar to that for the shower block on Rathlin Island. Perhaps other visitors to Ballycastle would appreciate the use of such amenities.

First Floor Plan. 

I'm told that, on reflection, Bar should have read Counter-top. However, the top floor facilities could easily be transformed into a yacht club with a bar and dining area for members. The balcony would provide a splendid viewing area for the commodore and the members.

I'm also told that the first floor facilities will be let out to community organisations despite the assertion in the planning application that the facilities relate to the harbour. Why was this information not included as part of the 'full and accurate description'? Do the plans conform to the requirements of EU 'Sail West' funding?